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Suzy Syme & Andrew Costa

Suzy Syme & Andrew Costa

Tide Pool Designs

With a rich background in architecture, art and design, husband and wife duo Andrew Costa and Suzy Syme share a passion for harnessing the extraordinary potential of algorithmic modelling to conceive and ‘grow’ 3D printed sculptures inspired by beautiful natural phenomenon.


Coralescence composes a coral-inspired collection reminiscing captivating adventures exploring Australia’s stunning coral reefs. Mimicking the whorl-like patterns of differential growth and layered deposition formation found in foliose corals, Coralescence cultivates a series of coral-like forms; primed to inspire recollection of oceanic experiences and bring the intrinsic beauty of our coral reefs accessibly and sustainably to dry land.

Coralescence is the first collection of Tide Pool Designs – a company founded by Andrew & Suzy early 2024, that unites a deep appreciation for the joy-inspiring beauty of nature with cutting-edge technology and fabrication techniques to transcend boundaries between art, architecture, design, and the natural world. Proudly Australian owned, designed and made, all Tide Pool products are envisioned, algorithmically ‘grown’, prototyped, and crafted in Tide Pool Designs’ Brisbane studio.

Evoking the captivating brilliance of bioluminescence, the Coralescence Lighting collection envisions sculptural light pieces that are beautiful to behold as works of art during the day, and enchantingly come to life at night by self-illuminating from within: radiating soft, functional light.


Materials: 3D printed biopolymer

System: Coralescence Cell

The building block of the wider collection, the Coralescence Cell system utilises a unique growth algorithm that mimics the patterns of differential growth found in Foliose corals to individually ‘grow’ one-of-a-kind, singular coral-evoking cells. The cells are used to form beautiful yet functional lighting components, both as individual offerings and in grouped clusters.

*Product Specific Inspiration:

BLOOM is a portable, sustainably 3D printed LED lantern designed to accompany one in home-life and adventure; bringing the cheer of coral and light wherever life may take you. Truly a one-of-a-kind treasure each Bloom cell is individually formed using the Coralescence Cell growth algorithm – you can find each Bloom’s unique growth code printed into the base of its inner cell.

BLOOM variants include single cell, and a cluster of three variably sized lanterns.


Name: Tide Pooling

Materials: 3D printed biopolymer, plywood

System: Coralescence Epiphyte

Coralescence Epiphyte – named for flora typologies growing on trees -  embeds beautiful Coralescence cells into a layered laser-cut plywood base. The supple, organic curves of the plywood evoke natural rock and landscape formations, with coral-like cells emerging as if seeded in crevasses in the wood.

Each coral-like cell is illuminated via an embedded LED light encased in the plywood shell; USB-C rechargeable through a single concealed port. Cell count, size, and the extent and design of the wooden base are all highly variable to individual application.

Epiphyte light-sculptures are designed to be portable for flexibility of use – be it as mesmerising sculpture that doubles as a functional lamp during the night, or perhaps a table centrepiece providing soft illumination for a romantic dinner date.

*Sculpture Specific Inspiration:

An ode to the wonders of intrigue and discovery beheld in coastal explorations, Tide Pooling seeks to remind us of the joys that nature-immersed experiences can bring. With hope to inspire desire to explore, protect and revel in the natural wonders of our world.


Name: Reef Renewal

Materials: 3D printed biopolymer, plywood

System: Coralescence GridShell

With a desire to create a 3D printable, adaptable shell structure, our GridShell system’s cells combine our coral-inspired Coralescence growth patterns with a logical triangular grid to form a self-supporting biophilic grid-shell structure reminiscent of bleached coral formations.

Transposable to most shapes and surfaces and structurally impressively strong, our GridShell system is highly adaptable to a wide range of applications; from standalone sculptures and light features to large-scale interior and exterior installations.

*Sculpture Specific Inspiration:

Inspired by rich memories of oceanic adventures we’ve shared, Reef Renewal honours the world of wonder and discovery inherent in Australia’s magnificent coral reefs. With ode to coral lost to degradation and bleaching over the years, we celebrate the conservation efforts intent on preserving and restoring our beloved reefs.

Reef Renewal features an LED light embedded into a finely layered laser-cut plywood base that brings the delicate coral-like cells to glistening life day and especially night.


Name: With The Tide

Materials: 3D printed biopolymer

System: Coralescence Tessellate HEX

Founded by a desire to translate the beautiful Coralescence cells to a readily installable, multi-cell system, Tessellate HEX adorns a modular, hexagonal fixing system with our signature coral-like formations.

Primed for simple wall and ceiling installation, the hexagonal system is limited only by assembly in its 2D plane. Able to form to endless shapes and sizes, the system features a custom-created topographical top surface that can be shaped to any geographic location or desired form. A small string-light bulb is integrated into every cell to bring the sculpture to functional, illuminated life; topographical contours and coral-like forms silhouetted against golden light.

*Sculpture Specific Inspiration:

Inspired by fond memories nurtured in the stunning natural landscape of Currumbin’s beach and creek, With The Tide celebrates the wonder of joy and discovery inherent in Australia’s rich coastline. The sculpted form of 88 hexagonal cells shapes to the natural topography of the land, tracing the path of Currumbin Creek as it emerges to meet the ocean engulfing Currumbin Point. Coral-like shell forms emerge from the softly glowing surface, evoking the joys of sunny beachcombing expeditions uncovering the ocean’s tidal treasures, warm golden sand underfoot.