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Marnie Ogg

Marnie Ogg

CEO, Australasian Dark Sky Alliance
With over 17 years of experience as a Managing Director of Dark Sky Traveller, Marnie has combined her passion for astronomy, tourism, and conservation to create unique and memorable experiences for travelers and communities. As a Dark Sky Defender and a holder of a Diploma of Psychology and a Diplome de Francaise, she has leveraged her skills and credentials to promote and protect the night environment, educate and inspire audiences, and collaborate with diverse stakeholders. Some of her notable achievements include securing the designation of Australia's first Dark Sky Place, founding and leading the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance, orchestrating a Guinness World Record attempt, and managing a pivotal report for the Commonwealth Government on light pollution. Through these initiatives, she has demonstrated her core competencies in facilitation, public speaking, project management, and conservation, as well as her mission to make a positive and lasting impact on our world