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Kieran Lewis

Kieran Lewis

Swinburne University of Technology

Kieran Lewis, an industrial designer from Melbourne, discovered his passion for design during his engineering studies. A transformative university elective ignited his creative spark, leading him into the dynamic world of industrial design.


The Sol Table Lamp is a unique lighting solution that encapsulates the essence of winter and the comforting solitude of a hooded figure bracing against the cold. Standing elegantly at 180mm, this lamp is a testament to thoughtful design and artistic inspiration, crafted meticulously over a period of just three weeks.

Constructed from high-quality Terrazzo concrete, Sol boasts a robust and textured exterior that evokes the frosty landscapes of winter. The material's speckled appearance, reminiscent of snowflakes against a gray winter sky, adds an element of natural elegance to any space.

The design of the lamp features a distinctive hooded top, which not only serves as a striking visual metaphor for a person clad in winter apparel but also functions ingeniously to diffuse light softly. This design choice ensures a warm, ambient glow that mimics the cozy, subdued light one might seek during a chilly winter evening.