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Hana Hakim

Hana Hakim

Designer & Founder, The Stella Collective
British born Syrian Hana Hakim is an award-winning interior designer and the founder of the Stella Collective. Her ability to infuse light and space into her work has led to commissions locally and internationally from elegant workspaces that embody wellbeing to Australia's most prolific & iconic restaurants. Framing these spaces and volumes with extreme precision her design is known to have a timeless quality that touches the human core. The Stella Collective (est 2015) is Hana's pride, joy and life's work. Her passion to breathe life into businesses, buildings, and feel-good culture through design with her team is unrivalled; each job, regardless of size, takes shape after a deep research period, delving into space, volumes, ambiance, context and history...and most importantly the clients narrative... A unique mantra exists within the culture and company she has built in stella. Each project is a tribute to travel, opening your heart to adventure, memories and powerful story telling.