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Grant Capriotti

Grant Capriotti

North Metro TAFE

Pivoting from a 15-year career in PR, Grant is realising his life-long desire to become a designer/maker. His design practice embodies an approachable, contemporary aesthetic, inspired by nature and the Australian lifestyle. His designs are material driven with an emphasis on simplicity, often striking a balance between art and functionality.

Eclipse Chair

The Eclipse Chair is a response to a design brief based on the words ‘rest’ and ‘contemplate’. The brief also specified a contemporary design aesthetic with technology integrated into the final prototype. 

The intent was to create a functional, sculptural, unique and comfortable furniture product that sparks conversation and engages the senses.

The concentric discs were inspired by Netherlands public art installation ‘Disc in a Mound of Rubble’ by Dutch sculptor, Frans de Wit. 

Leaning into the themes of universe and nature, the floating discs with the LED halo emulate an eclipse. Similarly, the user is eclipsed by the disc in certain angles when sitting in the chair.

The 360 degree light source also creates a vertical halo effect around the environment of the chair, reflecting on the floor and nearby walls.

In stark contrast to the discs, the chair is comprised of a series of boxes, which house the timber and steel supports that enable the disc to ‘float’ while ensuring structural soundness. The discs ‘slice’ through the boxes on an angle, creating a built-in leaning surface.

Commercial grade boucle upholstery in neutral tones is intended as a stylised representation of the moon surface, while inviting a luxurious textural experience plus the durability required in household furniture.

The chair features Bluetooth speaker integration, positioned just above head height, allowing sound to drift over the user. Nestled into the chair, feet up on the cushion, the chair is designed for reading, mediation or listening to podcasts, audio books or your favourite tunes.

Materials: Tasmanian Blackwood veneer, Meranti, pine, MDF, steel, COB LED strip, acrylic, commercial grade cushion foam, Warwick Ovis commercial grade boucle fabric in Ecru, bluetooth receiver, component speakers.

Eclipse Chair

Olympus Candles in Bush Wood

Olympus explores the slip casting process and glazing techniques to create an earthy, luxurious homeware. 

Inspired by early flashlights, the way the item can be grasped is reminiscent of the way an Olympic torch bearer might wield a flame above their head, proud and victorious. 

Celebrating the organic properties of the materials, emphasis was placed on texture and contrast to create a natural and neutral aesthetic.

The project explores the applied functionality of various glazes, including classic gloss, metallic lustre, crystal chipped and surfaced magma finishes.

With undulating profiles, the bases are fashioned with minimal intervention, using raw, locally sourced bush wood from naturally felled trees. Filled with soy wax, the ceramic vessels are refillable and reusable.

Rotation forming was employed to fashion a model clay positive, which was used to create the plaster mould from which the ceramic vessels were cast. 

Materials: Slip, magma glazes, classic gloss glazes, locally sourced bush wood, soy wax.


Helio Lamp

This lamp is inspired by the seasonal motion of plant parts in response to the direction of the sun, scientifically known as heliotropism. The brief required the item to be suitable for the luxury market, include a 3D printed element, while being fully portable and rechargeable.

Using organic lines, the design is intended to create a calming effect for the user while maintaining a contemporary luxury aesthetic. The asymmetric cantilevered top produces a sense of air and space, creating a floating visual effect.

The curved ‘leaf’ shaped top and conical base are constructed from spun aluminium, finished in ultra-matte acrylic, giving an almost porcelain effect. The conical based houses a rechargeable light source, which is cased in a 3D printed support structure. To mimic the heliotropic effect, a magnetic ball bearing mechanic allows full rotation of the top part on a single axis, allowing the user to reflect light in any direction. 

The top and base are constructed from spun aluminium, with a brass riser and a magnetic steel ball bearing mechanic.

Materials: Spun aluminium, brass riser, magnetic ball bearing mechanism, 3D filament printed internals, rechargeable light source, ultra-matte acrylic paint.

Helio Lamp