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Carl Broesen

Carl Broesen

University of Technology Sydney

Carl Broesen is a furniture, lighting, and object designer-maker based in Melbourne (Naarm). He enjoys being in the workshop crafting new and interesting objects that reflect the value of sustainability with poetic and functional merit. He believes design plays a pivotal role in shaping the world we live in, and with it a responsibility for designers to solve problems that ultimately benefit the planet and everything in it.

Loom Lounge

Materials: steel tubing, steel mesh, Cotton, polyester

The three-seater lounge explores the technique of rag rug construction, utilising small textile offcuts as a means to turn textile ‘waste’ into an alternative furniture upholstery. The woven wire mesh and bent tubing provide a lightweight structure and serve as a loom for textiles to be woven through. The steel frame is finished in electroplated nickel, which offers corrosion resistance and highlights the integration of offcut metal into a unified form.

loom lounge

Rope Collection

Materials: Stainless Steel, Cotton.

The Rope Collection is an investigation into juxtaposing the precision technology of CNC freeform tube bending and the traditional hand craft of macramé to create a strong, functional and comfortable furniture. Inspired by the sculptural forms of Australian designer Clement Meadmore's corded furniture, the Collection elegantly blends two high quality materials into the forms of a dining chair and a lounger. The harmonious blend of the hard and soft materials create a tactile and visual experience."