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Angus Armstrong Guy

Angus Armstrong Guy


Angus is a Brisbane based industrial designer, specialising in creating interesting and sustainable products that seamlessly blend eco-consciousness with creativity. Through thoughtful furniture designs, they provide practical solutions for tackling the growing issue of waste in contemporary living, promoting eco-friendly practices with practical design solutions.

The Re-peat Chair

The Re-peat chair is an innovative design handcrafted from over 2000+ recycled HDPE plastic bottle caps, sourced from the Brisbane community. Through a repeated process of shredding and melting, these caps are transformed into plastic beams. The beams are then bent and fixed into place to create a comfortable and ergonomic seating solution.

The chair's design draws inspiration directly from the recycled plastic, seeking to harness the mouldable properties to craft an intriguing and attractive product. The colour of the plastics has been thoughtfully selected to produce a sleek yet captivating speckled colourway.

repeat chair