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Adam Merlino

Adam Merlino

Vice President and General Manager - Asia Pacific, Snap One
With a Masters' degree in Analytics from UNSW Business School as a foundation, the journey in the tech industry has been marked by a commitment to innovation and strategic growth over the past 30 years. At Snap One, this expertise is channeled into redefining smart living, integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday spaces to enhance privacy, simplicity, comfort, security, and entertainment. The role of Vice President and General Manager for the Asia Pacific region is not just a title, but a testament to a career dedicated to expanding markets, building strong partnerships, and ensuring that trust and quality are not just promises, but deliverables. This dedication to excellence is fuelled by a passion for data-driven strategy, an insatiable curiosity for industry trends, and a commitment to continuous learning and leadership. It's a narrative of not just navigating the industry but shaping it, creating value that resonates across homes, businesses, and the broader tech community.