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15 May 2024

Reality in a New Dimension

Reality in a New Dimension

"The idea of new possibilities is close to our hearts at Flexmirror and we are very proud to be supporting the next crop of emerging Australian designers through our sponsorship of Australia's Next Top Designer Awards" Matt Angus, Managing Director of Flexmirror Australia

Flexmirror Australia’s brief for the gallery space of Australia’s Next Top Designer asked exhibition design and build company, Mayd, to showcase finalists’ work in a way visitors would not have seen before. Highlighted in the brief were the new spatial opportunities available using Superbrilliant and Semi-transparent mirrors and how these might connect to concepts presented in finalists’ work. 

The quality and scale of Flexmirror has not been seen in the Australian market so the team wanted to create a completely new display space, giving Australian architects and designers a sense of the possibilities now available to them.

Mirrors and large-scale mirrored surfaces are usually thought of in context with the limitations created by glass mirrors or mirror-like panels. Flexmirror works outside of these parameters, allowing an opportunity to re-imagine how a distortion-free, near 100% reflective surface might be used within an interior. 

Flexmirror foils allow an unmatched mirror size of up to 3m wide and 30m plus long. With this scale, crystal clear clarity, total weight less than 2kg per square metre and efficient onsite assembly, it’s fair to say the game is now changed for large scale interior mirrors. 

Fortunately for Mayd, ample reference material was available to help understand the possibilities, with Flexmirror International having completed many landmark projects over the years: including Apple Flagship stores in Abu Dhabi and Orange County with Foster and Partners, installations with Olafur Eliasson at Tate Modern and Samsung Museum of Art, and retail installations for brands including Audi, Coca Cola, Samsung and Chanel.

Hand sketches started the design process, with Mayd illustrating the architecture, mirror scale and material possibilities. The team then consulted with Workshopped, who run the competition annually, to understand the long history of ANTD and the broad range of scale, colour and materiality within the ANTD finalist work. All elements were then considered within an immersive, expanded space of multiple viewpoints.

Signage for the space was able to be re-imagined, facilitated by two giant 5m x 2.5m semi-transparent mirrors, each backed by LED screens displaying content that seems to float within the mirrors. Creating a unique viewing experience that is not to be missed.

With finalist selection complete and materials confirmed, including an innovative 100% recycled plastic surface for the display tops, the team at Mayd refined the concept and crafted a series of 3D visuals to illustrate the final design. 

Flexmirror and Workshopped are delighted with the result which promises an exciting platform for finalists’ work and a new experience for visitors to the 2024 edition of Design Show Australia in Sydney.

Flexmirror Australia’s team is located right next door at stand 224 if you’d like to know more about the possibilities now available with these extraordinary large-scale mirrors. Or get in touch with

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