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16 May 2024

Driving Sustainability Forward at ArchiBuild Expo: Global GreenTag's NaturePositive+ Standard

Driving Sustainability Forward at ArchiBuild Expo: Global GreenTag's NaturePositive+ Standard

Global GreenTag International, which assesses products for all aspects of impacts on human health, ethical labour supply and the environment curated in 2023 the first Sustainability Pavilion for ArchiBuild Expo. In 2024, GreenTag are again working with ArchiBuild Expo on some bold plans to showcase green manufacturers for this year’s Sustainability Hub.  

Since last year, Global GreenTag have attracted interest throughout Australia and overseas. The company launched in November a new benchmark for global manufacturing, a NaturePositive+ Standard™ and NaturePositive+ Declaration™ for products that will help drive circular economy projects and nature repair in the built environment. 

David Baggs, Global GreenTag’s co-founder, CEO and Technical Director who led the development of the new NaturePositive Standard and Declaration, will be speaking more about their importance and value for the future of the industry at this year’s show.   

The NaturePositive+ Standard for products was designed to support the Rights of Nature head on by providing Australian and International markets with a solution that is focused on changing real world outcomes towards Nature Positive for a healthier future.  They were uniquely recognised by the GBCA’s Green Star® building tools and Responsible Product Framework on the same day they were launched in November 2023.

The NaturePositive+ Standard and Product Declaration program, of which several products have since been submitted into, take product certification beyond current thinking - on circular economy, climate repair, life cycle analysis, ingredient hazard, supply chain transparency and modern slavery risk assessment.

GreenTag with ArchiBuild Expo this year are curating with manufacturers and other sustainability services an immersive experience for visitors.  The Sustainability Hub is centralised around a Sustainability Bar, featuring amongst other green products, Billi Water and their GreenTag certified water system on tap.

The zone will be featuring other progressive manufacturers, including already, Verosol and Weathertex who are looking forward to showcasing the sustainability profiles of their products certified by Global GreenTag. Together they will be advancing the mission of the Hub to inspire and educate visitors on what constitutes green products, what value they bring and how certification plays a key role in giving project builders peace of mind in a market that is still trying to overcome confusion created by  product ‘greenwashing’ which is the practice of making inflated product claims around sustainability that are often unverified and deceptive for professionals and also for product consumers and users alike in the general public.  

Through the Sustainability Hub, GreenTag with ArchiBuild 2024 and exhibiting manufacturers will be helping researchers and buyers make informed decisions with a focus on education around environmental certifications, like Global GreenTagCertTM  and NaturePositive+ and how they help us to decide on the products we specify and build with.

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