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30 May 2024

Axolotl: Australia's Next Top Designer Trophy Sponsor Launches Grid Glass

Axolotl: Australia's Next Top Designer Trophy Sponsor Launches Grid Glass
Grid Glass

Design and manufacturing company Axolotl has proudly designed and produced the stunning glass trophies Design Show Australia will be awarding for Australia’s Next Top Designer. Axolotl have recently launched their Grid Glass line, a sophisticated new take on stained glass.

Stained glass windows have been used for centuries, and hundreds of years later have been imagined in modern designs created by architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright.

Now, modern technology developed in-house by Axolotl allows a contemporary spin on a traditional aesthetic and unlimited potential in customisation. Any pane of glass, be it a fixed window, screen, or door, can be transformed into a translucent artwork.

Including all characteristics of being completely bespoke in linework, metal finish, glass texture, glass colour, and options for framed and frameless, Axolotl Grid Glass will always be tailored to your project across residential, hotel, hospitality, commercial, and more. 

The beauty of Axolotl Grid Glass lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its versatility. Our team of artisans create each piece entirely in-house including carving the grid pattern into the face of the glass and inlaying any of our signature metals into the glass itself. Resulting in a single pane of glass ready to install.

Unlike traditional stained glass windows or metal-framed screens, Axolotl Grid Glass is available in expansive panel sizes up to 3000x1800mm and uses glass thicknesses 6, 8, 10, 12mm and monolithic glass 15mm thick. Any panel can be made to suit your design, including cutouts for hardware or finger pulls. Grid Glass can be toughened or laminated to Australian Standards depending on your requirements.

In an era where clean lines and tailored spaces reign supreme, Axolotl's Grid Glass emerges as the epitome of refined elegance, offering a modern interpretation of a classic art form.

A selection of Grid samples can be viewed in Axolotl’s showroom in Matraville, and custom samples can be manufactured and purchased to order.

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