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How to Think Like an Interior Designer: Top Tips to Transform Your Space and Keep Costs Low

15 Jun 2024
Design Talks
Discover the art of home design and gain insights into creating spaces that reflect your lifestyle and taste. This presentation will guide you through the essentials of personalising your home, from identifying your unique 'Design Fingerprints' to implementing 'Frictionless Living' for seamless daily routines. Learn how to invest wisely with the 'Design Value ladder', balancing aesthetics and functionality. Ideal for those looking to refine their living space, this talk provides practical advice and strategies to think like a designer. It's an opportunity to gain valuable skills and insights into crafting a home that's not only stylish but uniquely yours. Join us for a transformative exploration of design, where simple changes can lead to significant results for you and your family.
Mathew Dalby, Creative Director & Cofounder - Studiofab
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