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Why Authentic Design is the Most Sustainable Choice, and How Investing in Licensed Products is Critical to Circular Practice (Presented by Authentic Design Alliance)

14 Jun 2024
Design Talks

We unpack why authentic design is the most sustainable choice and how investing in licensed products is critical to circular practice.

By purchasing authentic products, we support brands committed to circularity through the production, manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales cycle. We will also examine the negative impact of using knock-offs and dupes instead of products and why specifiers and end-users must advocate for sustainable, long-lasting solutions over short-life-span alternatives.

Join Authentic Design Alliance director Anne-Maree Sargeant (AMS) in conversation with two furniture industry stalwarts: David Hartikainin, Space/Poliform Head of Interiors and Guy Walsh, Sustainability Strategist for Living Edge. Guy also leads LivingOn, a program that takes a 360-degree approach to circularity.

Anne-Maree Sargeant, Authentic Design Alliance Director - Design-Made Podcast Host
Guy Walsh, Sustainability Strategist - Living Edge
David Hartikainen, Head of Interiors and Business Development - Space/Poliform APAC
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