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Electrifying Australia's Homes for Planet, Wallet and Health (Presented by Goodbye Gas)

15 Jun 2024
Theatre One
Electrifying Australia's 5 million gas connected homes is critical to achieving our climate targets and enabling the clean energy transition. And just as importantly it's also the path to lowering household energy costs and eliminating the harmful health risks associated with gas use in the home. This session brings together experts who are making this possible. They'll explore the practical steps to electrify, the role of the energy retailer in supporting this transition for customers and the innovative technologies that enable these all-electric homes to be powered by the sun.
Jeremy McLeod, Design Director and Co Founder - Breathe Architecture
Lisa Chiba, Managing Director - Momentum Energy
Lucy Feagins, Founder - The Design Files
Dean Spaccavento, CEO - Reposit Power
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